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Safe Haven Visit

This week two representatives from Safe Haven Cassandra Richardson and Benjamin Ortega visited The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle meeting.  Their visit was twofold, to tell us about their latest project ‘Fatherhood’ and collect a Welcome Baby Bag and clothing for women and children.
Secretary Denise was on hand to deliver the ‘The Welcome Baby Bag’ to Safe Haven to be delivered to a new mother at their shelter. The bag contained items necessary for the new born baby and new mother and are given at the discretion of the nursing staff of the maternity wing. It is due to the generosity of Mid Isle Rotarians, a District Grant, Bebe n Kids, Prime, CIA Interact Club & Dominoes contributing to our Welcome Baby Bags that has made this project possible. We also extend our thanks to Simpson Bay Pharmacy, Pennys, Visser Pharmacy, and Lucky Wholesale.
Cassandra and Benjamin spoke to us about their upcoming project 'Fatherhood'. Domestic Violence, researched and known world-wide to predominantly negatively affect women, calls for interventions that addresses and speaks to the socialization and parenting of girls and boys in any society. How boys are brought up to view and understand girls and women is as important as how girls are encouraged to see and understand themselves. On Wednesdayevening August 23rd at 6:00PM, at Port St. Maarten, the St. Maarten community is invited to an informational evening where will be discussed the importance of fatherhood and the fathering of young boys, in particular. In this discussion Mr. De Leon will discuss how parenting and socialization are contributing factors to whether a community experiences domestic violence. Mr. De Leon, has a particular passion for fatherhood and is a former police officer with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Department.
There was a very interactive and informative question and answer segment after their presentation.


rotary club st. maarten Mid Isle

Donate Bibs

The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle has donated sixty five bibs to Marc Smoorenburg of Keijzer. In branding for their ‘Welcome Baby Bag’ project Mid Isle had ordered baby bibs. Unfortunately when the bibs arrived they were not up to spec, hence the manufacturer sent us a second perfect batch.
 Mid Isle were reluctant to see these bibs go to waste, so they decided to look around to see where they could best be used.  Marc Smoorenburg has been sending required items and goods to Haiti twice a year. We learnt that Marc’s father is a pastor and has been a missionary for thirty five years. Marc’s father has set up a mission in Haiti that has a home for the elderly, an orphanage and a school. They presently have 18 babies at the mission and told us the bibs would be very useful.

Even though the mission has suffered disasters back to back, with funding they have been able to keep the mission going.







The Rotary Club of Sint Maarten, through the help of its members, American University of the Caribbean (AUC) students, many volunteers and several local businesses completed the refurbishment of its last remaining Bus Stop Shelter in Point Blanche.  According to the President of the Rotary Club of Sint Maarten John Caputo, “This last remaining Bus Stop Shelter was built on a bare and treeless road to Point Blanche during the 1985 – 1986 Rotary year when our Club was lead by Past President and former Lt. Governor, the Honorable Max Pandt.  Over the years, road patterns changed and this Bus Stop Shelter is the last remaining shelter of its kind”.
Today, the Point Blanche Bus Stop Shelter is used less frequently as a bus stop, but now serves as a visible monument to Rotary International, as millions of visitors to Sint Maarten walk or ride by, either coming or going, to the Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise Ship Facility.  President Caputo added, “Over the years countless Rotarians, residents and local businesses have helped maintain the Bus Stop Shelter.  I would like to recognize Immediate Past President Henna Budhrani for getting this project off the ground, Past Assistant Governor Stephen Thompson for his dedication and drive to get this project to fruition, along with significant contributions from former Rotarian, Bob McDonough, of Greenfingers, and the team from Sherwin Williams St. Maarten for their donation of paint, materials and supplies.  The new signage at the Bus Stop Shelter was made locally by Tim Salt of Signs and Designs, and will welcome our many cruise ship visitors”.


Mid Isle Team up with Alex n’Ani to ‘End Polio Now’


Rotary Club of St Martin Mid Isle

Teams up with Alex n’Ani to ‘End Polio Now’

The Rotary Club of St. Maarten Mid Isle is continuing the fight to ‘End Polio Now’ with three fundraisers. The first was held on June 30th at their ‘Change of Board’ dinner celebration with a raffle and a collection which raised over USD1,600.00. 
For The Second fundraiser they will be teaming up with Alex n’Ani on August 26th at their Front Street branch for ‘A Charmed by Charity’ Event. At this event Alex n’Ani will donate 15 pct of that days’ taking to Mid Isle toward the ‘End Polio Now’ funds. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match the funds raised with a 2:1 match.
The third fundraiser to be held on October 21st will be the 4th Annual Ramesh Manek Walk-a-Thon. Details will follow at a later date.


Rotary Club of New Providence

To dunk or to be dunked

Bahamians got chance to contribute to a good cause, and in some cases, cool off in a
tank of water as the Rotary Club of New Providence held its second annual ‘A Dunking
for Polio’ fundraising event.

RCNP partnered with locals, public figures and fellow Rotarians to raise funds by
bringing community awareness to the cause and to the fight against Polio. Like last time,
“A Dunking for Polio” proved to be a fun-filled, well-attended and informative event, as
paraphernalia and tidbits on polio are on display to educate the public on the long-
standing Rotarian fight to eradicate the viral disease once and for all.

In the Rotarian spirit of “Service above Self” many Rotarians and locals came out to
Arawak Cay to purchase food, libations and the much sought after “End Polio Now” T-
shirts. Many were excited and came out just to participate in the featured event of
purchasing rounds of softballs to hit the eager targets vulnerably perched at the top of
the ‘Dunking for Polio tank’. The dunking lineup included Senators, Community
Activists, local artist, election candidates, senior police officers, Rotarians and even the
kids wanted a piece of the dunking action.

rotary club St. Maarten Mid Isle

Back to School Back Packs

It takes compassion to think of others who are in need. While we are all taught to share and help our neighbors, 16 year old Ki-mani Olivacce a student of learning unlimited School has taken it to the next level. For the second year he has called out to the community to come together and donate to a worthy cause of a ‘Back to School Drive’ for students in need.
The Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle heeded the call for the second year under the direction of Service Projects Director Grace Linger. This year again we worked with the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA). Along with the help from LMSA and the generous donations and weekly fines of the Mid Isle Rotarians, we were able to shop and pack forty school back packs for the less fortunate students in our community. This amounted to twenty back packs for elementary students and twenty back packs for high school students with all the necessary items for the start of the new school year 2017-2018.