Dear Fellow Rotarians,
This months’ theme is Water & Sanitation – clean water, sanitation and education are basic necessities for a healthy and productive life. Millions of people die from preventable waterborne diseases in undeveloped countries. 
Some great projects to execute this month are educational programs to promote hand washing and other hygiene habits and providing toilets that flush into a safe enclosure. The first Rotary project was carried out in 1907 under the leadership of Founder Paul Harris which was creating a public comfort station (also known as the public toilet). 
Another way for Rotarians to make an impact during this month is by joining WASH RAG (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Rotary Action Group) which was founded in 2007. Rotarians from all over the World can join WASH RAG. This Rotary Action Group has facilitated hundreds of projects, by helping clubs find partners, ensuring sustainability and stressing the importance of a needs driven approach. More information can be found at:
And, finally I would like to speak about HANWASH which stands for “Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy” which is led by District 7020 and DINEPA (which is the Haitian Government’s National Water and Sanitation Agency) and other NGO’s. HANWASH is a collaborative national initiative to provide thoughtfully managed and sustainable clean water and sanitation to all residents of Haiti. The goal of HANWASH is to facilitate the creation of safely managed access to financially sustainable, potable water and sanitation to every household in Haiti by 2030. 
Recently, the Rotary Foundation approved the Global Grant of $302,525.00 to modernize the municipal water system in Central Haiti in the town of Pignon which is the third Global Grant national HANWASH Program that is being undertaken with the Rotary Club of Pignon and Champion District 6940 in Florida. Currently, only half of the town receives clean water, with this grant this should raise the percentage to 100%. This grant will help improve the residents’ daily access to safe water and better hygiene and sanitation. For more information, go to
Let us continue to “Serve to Change Lives” in our local communities and around the World. 
Louis Wever
District Governor 2021-2022
District 7020