Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Our Rotary Foundation has set up the 6 Areas of Focus to encourage us to do projects in the areas
needed in our community. Many times one Area of Focus helps and can enter into another.
Last month was Water and Sanitation which also helps prevent diseases in pregnant mothers and children. 
This month is dedicated to MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH and having done projects in last month’s theme, and providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene efforts we maximise child 
nutrition and at the same time we are already working on this theme as well. Each year 6.3 million children under the age of five die from diseases, malnutrition, poor health care and inadequate sanitation. More than 200 million women who would prefer to delay or avoid childbearing lack 
access to safe and effective contraception. 
Let’s take action this month :
-Supporting or developing programs that provide immunizations
-Promoting good nutrition and also encouraging breastfeeding for most infants
-Supporting or developing programs to provide access and information about contraceptives.
-Supporting training programs for health professionals such as midwives
Rotarians serve their communities and are always ready to help Make a Difference in people’s lives including the little ones and the mothers.
DG Robert Leger
District Governor D7020
2017 - 2018
Chers amis Rotariens,
Notre Fondation Rotary a mis en place les 6 Axes Stratégiques pour nous encourager à faire des projets dans les domaines nécessaires pour notre communauté. Plusieurs fois, un Axe Stratégique aide et peut s’associer à un autre. Le mois dernier c’était l'Eau et l’Assainissement qui aide également à prévenir les maladies chez les femmes enceintes et les enfants.
Ce mois-ci est consacré à la SANTÉ DE LA MÈRE ET DE L'ENFANT et ayant réalisé des projets dans le thème du mois dernier, et fournissant de l’eau propre, l'assainissement et l'hygiène, nous optimisons la nutrition des enfants pendant qu’en même temps nous travaillons déjà sur ce thème. Chaque année, 6,3 millions d'enfants de moins de cinq ans meurent de maladies, de malnutrition, de soins de santé médiocres et d'installations sanitaires inadéquates. Plus de 200 millions de femmes souhaitant retarder ou éviter la maternité n’ont pas accès à des méthodes de contraception sûre et efficace.
Passons donc à l'action ce mois-ci pour:
-Soutenir ou développer des programmes qui fournissent des vaccins
-Promouvoir une bonne nutrition et encourager l'allaitement maternel pour la plupart des nourrissons
-Soutenir ou développer des programmes pour fournir un accès et des informations sur les contraceptifs.
-Soutenir des programmes de formation pour les professionnels de la santé tels que les sages-femmes
Les Rotariens servent leurs communautés et sont toujours prêts à aider à faire Un Impact Réel dans la vie des gens, y compris les petits et les mères. 
DG Robert Leger 
District Gouverneur D7020
2017 - 2018

Message from RI President Ian H. Riseley


At the 1990 Rotary International Convention in Portland, Oregon, then President-elect Paulo Costa told the gathered Rotarians, "The hour has come for Rotary to raise its voice, to claim its leadership, and to rouse all Rotarians to an honorable crusade to protect our natural resources." He declared a Rotary initiative to "Preserve Planet Earth," asking Rotarians to make environmental issues part of their service agenda: to plant trees, to work to keep our air and water clean, and to protect the planet for future generations.

President Costa asked that one tree be planted for each of the 1.1 million members that Rotary had at the time. We Rotarians, as is our wont, did better, planting nearly 35 million trees by the end of the Rotary year. Many of those trees are likely still flourishing today, absorbing carbon from the environment, releasing oxygen, cooling the air, improving soil quality, providing habitat and food for birds, animals, and insects, and yielding a host of other benefits. Unfortunately, while those trees have kept on doing good for the environment, Rotary as a whole has not carried its environmental commitment forward.

That is why, at the start of this year, I followed Paulo Costa's example and asked Rotary to plant at least one tree for every Rotary member. My goal was to achieve a good beyond the considerable benefits that those 1.2 million (or more!) trees would themselves bring. It is my hope that by planting trees, Rotarians will renew their interest in, and attention to, an issue that we must put back on the Rotary agenda: the state of our planet.

Environmental issues are deeply entwined in every one of our areas of focus and cannot be dismissed as not Rotary's concern. Pollution is affecting health across the globe: More than 80 percent of people in urban areas breathe unsafe air, a number that rises to 98 percent in low- and middle-income countries. If current trends continue, by 2050 the oceans are expected to contain more plastics by weight than fish. And rising temperatures are well-documented: Global annual average temperatures increased by about 2 degrees F (1.1 degrees C) from 1880 through 2015. That this change was caused by humans is not a subject of scientific debate, nor is the likelihood of vast economic and human disruption if the trend continues unchecked. The need for action is greater than ever – and so is our ability to have a real impact.

As past UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon put it, "There can be no Plan B, because there is no Planet B." Our planet belongs to all of us, and to our children, and to their children. It is for all of us to protect, and for all of us in Rotary to make a difference.

One Rotarian, One Tree


We still have time and I invite you to continue planting more trees and plants as well so our communities become greener and our islands more beautiful.

The deadline date for planting trees set by RI President Ian Riseley is approaching. He asked every Rotarian to plant at least one tree before Earth Day April 22. I know many clubs have organised days to go out and do exactly this since I have participated in several of these activities during my club visits throughout the District. This date is exactly a week before our District Conference and I would very much like to give a report on how many trees we have planted this year to make a difference in our environment.

Your efforts are appreciated and I count on you to help me give a positive report to our RI President who also is counting on every one of us to help him achieve this goal in Making a Difference in our communities and in our environment.