Dear Fellow Rotarians,

The month of March is significant because we celebrate two important milestones of our Rotary service.
In 1968, the Charlotte North Carolina Rotary club started a youth program that has now become a worldwide Rotary program in support of youth. Engaging these energetic, innovative and vibrant young future leaders is like getting tangled in a firework. 
As we celebrate with them in the week leading to the 13thof March, let us embrace them as partners, with a strong focus on their development as young adults and future leaders. 
-1949 Rotary International Convention, New York, New York, USA
      “If we train our youth properly, we need not have any fear as to the future of the   
The inspiration will be palpable when we are able to bridge that gap between us and empower them for the future. They are our future community leaders, and that is where our Rotary service begins.
While we serve in countless ways, we have focused our efforts in selected areas so we can maximize our impact. This month we are emphasizing that water is critical for sustainable development and the eradication of poverty and hunger.
Water and sanitation are preconditions to life and we must put a greater focus on these human rights. 
We need to remember the importance of sanitation and hygiene, as we engage in projects that will impact our communities.

DG Patrick