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Dr Patrick E. Adizua, medical doctor, graduated from “El Insituto Superior De Ciencias Medicas-Santiago De Cuba” in 1987 with honors and has a diploma in Spanish Language (with Distinction). He is a resident doctor in Ob-Gyn at the Mandeville regional hospital and has a general practice at Las Palmas medical complex. Most recently, he has added to his portfolio, Managing Director of Regies Fine Dining Restaurant.

District Governor 2018-2019, Patrick, is a member of the Rotary Club of Mandeville. His classification is “Medical” and he uses his vocation and passion for service to make a difference in his home country, Jamaica. He became a Rotarian in 1996, served as a director of his club in his first year of Membership and has not looked back since!


He served as Director of Club Service 1996 – 1997. He has been his Club’s Director of International Service, Foundation Chair and Trainer. DG 2018-2019 Patrick became the Club’s president in the Rotary year 2002-2003.


DG 2018-2019, Patrick pursued his passion for service and love for Rotary beyond the club level. He has served in various capacities starting in 1998 when he served as the DISTRICT CHAIR FOR POPULATION CONCERN. He was appointed as Assistant Governor in 2005 – 2008. Subsequently, he served as District Grants Chair (2008-2011), Future Vision Coordinator Ja (2012-2013), Country Foundation Chair (2013-2018), and District Paul Harris Society Chair (2014-2016) and District Vocational Training Team Chair (2016-2018).


He has participated in several Rotary programmes including acting as a Sponsor Counsellor for 2 Ambassadorial Scholars, 1 Peace Scholar and 2 Georgia Rotary Scholars. He has hosted 6 GSE teams. DG 2018-2019 Patrick completed More Than 14 Rotary Foundation Grants for Clubs and was a participant in Thailand’s New RI Website Resource Table Discussion.

DG 2018-2019, Patrick has ensured that he stays up to date with his Rotary knowledge and that he shares it with others. He is an RLI Certified Discussion Leader, RLI Certified Rotary Foundation Graduate and is a member of the Cadre of Advisors to The Rotary Foundation Trustees.


One can say that DG 2018-2019, Patrick not only “talks the talk but he walks the walk” as he is an avid supporter of the Rotary Foundation, our charity of choice. He is a Sustaining Member, District Paul Harris Society Member, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Benefactor and Major Donor.


During his stewardship of his club, the Rotary Club of Mandeville received the RI Presidential Citation, RI Public Relations Award and the District Governors Award. For his own service and dedication to Rotary, DG 2018-2019, Patrick has been awarded the Centennial Year Rotarian of The Year, the Charlie Braham Achievement Award For Rotary Excellence (Rotary Club of Kingston, 2008) and the Rotary Foundation Citation For Meritorious Service Award (2014).

DG 2018-2019, Patrick’s commitment to improving the health care of residents of Manchester and surrounding areas is unquestionable. His dream is that the Mandeville community will have the best-equipped hospital in Jamaica. Through his efforts, along with the members of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, the regional hospital has been the recipient of several pieces of state-of-the-art medical equipment. For this devotion and other community efforts, DG 2018-2019 Patrick has been recognized for his efforts. He has received the Manchester Cultural Development Committee Nation Building Award, the United Nations International Committee for Volunteerism Award, the Mandeville Regional Hospital Service To Community Award and has been recognized by the Canada And Commonwealth Youth Program and the Jamaica Association Of Guidance Counsellors in Education.


DG 2018-2019 Patrick is married to Dr Lesline Cameron-Adizua, a dentist, whom he met in medical school. His wife has described him as a (and this in in the public records online!) "loving and very determined person". She also LOVINGLY says that "He can be miserable at times, but it is his loving and kind ways that have kept me by his side through (over) 29 years of marriage, and I would happily do it all over." Together they have 2 children, Izuka and Regina, who are both following in their parents’ footsteps in pursuing vocations in medicine.


In his spare time, DG 2018-2019 Patrick enjoys Gourmet cooking, Jazz Music, Swimming, Travelling and Reading. He is a Past Master in the Masonic Fraternity. For DG 2018-2019 Patrick Adizua, three things guide his life: service above self, doing as much good for others as possible, and love of family.