Dear Fellow Rotarians,
As we embark on the second quarter of this Rotary Year, we will be focusing on the area of Economic & Community Development for the month of October. We have all seen the changes brought about by the Worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, the loss of jobs, homes and security. It is a challenging time Worldwide and through these hard times, there has also been growth through creativity. All over the World, persons who would otherwise be in an office or working the 9-5 job have started their own businesses and tapped into their passions. We have also seen many young entrepreneurs starting businesses online and taking advantage of the digital space. 
As Rotarians we can do many things to help those in need, in 2018 the Rotary Club of Guatemala Sur along with the Rotary Club of Barrington Breakfast in the United States started a microfinance program in Guatemala. Microfinance loans are powerful instruments for reducing poverty by enabling people to increase their income and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress. This program was aimed to complement the skills of the indigenous women by financing weavers in Sumpango, Guatemala. 
Other ways to promote economic and community development are through trainings, and well paid jobs. One of Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta’s focus for this Rotary Year is to Empower Girls – still, girls and women Worldwide face inequalities in areas including health and education, violence, and disproportionate poverty. Rotary encourages Clubs to prioritize projects that improve the health, well-being, education, and economic security of girls in communities around the World. Rotarians can develop a club-based initiative, District Grant or Global Grant. 
Bringing it closer to home, I would like to encourage you all to continue to donate to the District 7020 Haiti Earthquake Disaster Recovery Fund. 
Yours in Rotary Service,
Louis Wever
District Governor 2021-2022
District 7020