Health Rocks @7020

District 7020 Health & Wellness
Vision: Healthy Caribbean communities free of Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic diseases
Mission: Promote diabetes awareness/prevention/management with emphasis on child obesity
●Heighten education and awareness opportunities
●Provide access to self-help tools
●Promote available program resources
Program Objective
The program aim is to be a sustainable resource for all participants working towards becoming healthier individuals.  By increasing awareness of wellness concerns (education) supporting health management (personal change) and setting goals (self-help), individuals can create the perfect formula for achieving results.  A Healthy Lifestyle option offers the opportunity to empower Rotarians and communities to embrace the knowledge and resources available to optimize their total well-being.
To ensure that the 3C’s—Collaboration, Consistency and Communication work hand-in-hand for maximum program impact and success
  1. 7020 Health & Wellness Program will work closely with industry partners, government entities, NGO’s, and local communities to curb the increase in Type 2 Diabetes diagnoses.
  2. 7020 Health & Wellness Program will focus on 3 main areas:  Education/Awareness, Child Obesity, and Lifestyle Changes
  3. 7020 Health & Wellness Program will promote education/awareness to empower communities to take charge of their family health, by leading a healthy lifestyle
Program Design
The program design looks at the following Healthy Lifestyles Dimensions:
1. Nutrition   2. Exercise   3. Mental Attitudes 4. Self-Care 5.  Relationships and
6. Resources/Support and uses this framework to affect the education/awareness, personal change, and self-help necessary for achieving our desired results.
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