Donor Conference in Bahamas

Hosted by The Government of the Bahamas and the UNDP was a success.  Some information that came from the conference is as follows:

  • 1.7 million metric tons of debris need to be dealt with

  • 29,472 persons were affected

  • Of the $3.4 billion in damages, 87% was in Abaco and 13% in Grand Bahama and 91% affected the private sector while 9% in the public sector

  • Major problem was not with the building code but with low lying buildings and non-compliance with the building code

  • The country lost 18% of the GDP due to Hurricane Dorian

  • Still 70 confirmed dead but hundreds still missing

  • Priority list of projects is drafted and should be released soon

  • They have spent $4.5 million on dome houses to get residents a temporary place to stay.  Still months from being finished.

  • They need $26 million for the schools

  • While they said the building code is fine, they also said they are working on the next edition of the building code

  • The code says you have to build 18 inches above the known flood level.  However, the known flood level has now changed and is higher than it was

  • Many organizations (I counted 26) stood up, out of the 300 to 400 people in the room, and pledged support in cash and in-kind as well as services.  The P3 group pledged almost 1 billion

  • Estimated pledges to be between $1.5 and $2.0 billion

  • PRIP Barry Rassin was in attendance and was able to tell the crowd about Rotary and what Rotarians have already done and plan to do going forward.

Items before the Hurricane Recovery Committee

The committee needs to review the following and approve if in support.  Some we have already discussed, and some is new:

  • Schools are still our priority.  We should have the list of schools with who is doing what by the end of the month.  We could then take on one or more schools than are not yet committed.  Maybe one at a time?

  • We have agreed with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce to partner on a program to help small business.  No details as yet but we need to meet with them again and develop this.

  • The water plant from H2O and Rotary should be there in two weeks.

  • We had approved the two TAC (Technical Assistance Centers) units (one for each island).  We have reached out to Florida but got no takers on helping us with two similar RV’s for this purpose.  We should proceed with the purchase.

  • MSC has donated and is sending 38 20-foot containers of tiles.  They will send to Freeport, but the Grand Bahama team will determine how much they need.  Any they don’t need could be sent to Abaco.

  • In meeting with the Salvation Army, we are developing a plan to build an NGO building in Abaco.  This would be used for a number on NGO’s to have an office as well as to have a space for storage of emergency supplies and a space for a shelter.  It would be ideal as the emergency control center. The Minister for Recover, etc. has agreed with the concept and is working to find us land for the purpose.  I am meeting again with the Salvation Army this week to confirm their commitment, but they are sure they want to have a permanent presence there.  We could get some other partners to work with us so it becomes a true partnership of those who live in this sector. 

  • Two Volunteer weeks.  UNDP is helping us coordinate these two weeks.  They have suggested we take on the cultural parks in Abaco as these have not been handled by any other group.  They are putting all the details together as to what they need and will provide us with a detailed list.  I suggest we purchase the materials and let the volunteers rebuild the parks as Rotary parks.

    • UNDP is working on the logistics.  They may find us houses to rent which we can set up as dorms, maybe three or four house we would rent for the two weeks.  The benefit over tents is that they have bathrooms and showers

    • They are also working on getting some local females to cook for us

    • Rotary will send information out to the Rotary world to get the volunteers and help organize the flight into The Bahamas

    • We will need to approve this expenditure for rental property, food and supplies

Ways to Contribute


For Wire Transfer directly to the islands go to Bahamas Rotary Disaster Committee  

Important Note: please be sure to advise in advance, the following details of funds being remitted to the Bahamas:

For crypto currency donations sent weekly directly to the Bahamas, payment may be made online at Delchain Limited


To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian


For a 501c3 US Tax Exempt donation use any of the following

PayPal D7020 through Disaster Network Assistance

PayPal D6990 through District 6990 in Florida

GoFundMe for Rotary 7020 Dorian Relief


Rotary District 7680 DAF No. 574  at Rotary International (check, credit card, wire, stock transfer options)

Important Note: When donating via RI to this DAF, please ensure you indicate the

DAF number 574 and that the funds are directed to The Bahamas