Posted by William Inniss on Sep 09, 2019
Report from Bahamas Rotary
Bahamas Recovery Team reports: As significant donations of supplies come in for those in need, Bahamas Rotary is planning to move to its longer-term strategy in preparation for helping the economies to recover.  As soon as access is possible, we will get in to do a needs assessment and we will work in coordination with the government. We also plan to raise impactful funding to bring these communities back.  It will take time but that is what Rotary is best at.
In Grand Bahama, the water plant in Freeport undertaken as a global grant ten years ago was the first water available in Freeport after Dorian.  A much needed and lifesaving project.
Commitments to Aid Recovery
UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)
USD 1 million
Inter-American Development Bank
USD 100 million
Caribbean Development Bank
USD 1 million
UK government
GBP 1.5 million
Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance
USD 11 million
‘IOM will focus especially on the needs of displaced persons in terms of food, shelter, water, medical and psychosocial support etc.’
Already distributed unknown number of tarps and NFIs including tents.
Will distribute additional 1000 tarps for roofing on Grand Bahama and Abaco.
IFRC / Bahamas Red Cross
Tarps and Shelter Tool Kits to 500 HH from pre-positioned stock
Unknown number of ‘DfID shelter kit’
Hope Worldwide
Unknown number of ‘shelter supplies’
Rotarians in Nassau Report: To date, due to our collaborative efforts we have rescued, registered and sheltered more than 3300 evacuees in New Providence and Eleuthera.
We are working to find and secure temporary housing for displaced evacuees. The influx of evacuees has caused new shelters to be identified and utilized in Nassau. Through the receiving and registration process at the airport’s main staging site, we collect information on those needing housing. We are constantly working to assess needs and fill the gap by providing resources, even working to provide non-governmental controlled shelter in private homes and vacant rental spaces. So far, we have been able to place 153 persons in hotels and private homes. We have many Rotarians and Rotaractors who are working at kiddie play area, helping to facilitate expedited processing for those with babies or in wheelchairs.
We have joined in a massive partnership with New Providence Community Church and multiple non-profits and corporate entities for the collection, sorting, and distribution of all manner of donations for those affected. These include food items, drinking water, clothing and shoes, towels, blankets, generators, portable stoves and cooking utensils, radios, flashlights, tarps, rope, and many more items.
We were able to purchase eight bunk beds for The Ranfurly Home for Children to assist in preparing a room that will now be home to 17 children evacuated from the Grand Bahama Children's Home.
More First Responders Arriving
Disaster Aid Canada reports it is working with partners, Disaster Aid USA & Disaster Aid UK&I, to provide shelter and comfort to people in the Bahamas desperately needing our help. Tents that were pre-positioned in Nassau have already been set up for evacuees. This was done by Rotarians from the Rotary Clubs of Bahamas.
Currently we are sending an additional 50 to 100 tents, tarps, water systems, bed packs, and hygiene items. Their partners will be on the ground distributing and helping during this horrific time.
The hurricane has left about 76,000 people in need of help. With no water, no power, and no food; people are scared, hurt, and fearful of what to do next.
In partnership with Disaster Aid International, our Rotarians have erected 16 ShelterBox Tents at the main receiving site for evacuees. In the near future, international volunteers will utilize these as their living quarters as they give their time to support national relief efforts.
Cleveland Clinic Offers Support
Cleveland Clinic management foresees a critical need for clinical relief teams on the ground and would like to identify clinical team members interested in volunteering their personal time for potential future efforts. In addition they have also set up a fundraising arm to support the recovery efforts.
Rotary Club and District Support
We are sincerely grateful to the clubs and district which are sending and pledging support
The Rotary Club of Rio Piedras in Puerto Rico has donated $5,000
Rotary District 6960 in Florida are remitting $10,000
Thanks to Rotarians in District 6990, Florida, 23 tons of much needed supplies arrived in Freeport.
Tortola Clubs Plan Telethon with Goal of $50,000
Following an emergency meeting held on September 3rd to coordinate a response for disaster victims in the Bahamas, the Rotary Family of the BVI, under the leadership of current Governor, Delma Maduro, will be launching a major fundraising effort to help victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. This will include a live telethon to be held on Tuesday, 10th September 2019.
Rotary clubs in these British Virgin Islands has a proven track record of raising funds for disaster relief. In 2004-2005 in South East Asia, they raised substantial funds through a telethon and helped support the affected community through Rotary clubs on the ground. Together with the Lions and Red Cross they held a telethon for victims of Katrina in Louisiana, USA. A further telethon was organized after the massive earthquake that rocked in Haiti in 2010.
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