Posted by William Inniss on Sep 09, 2019
Past President Barry Makes Personal Appeal
Update From Our Team in Nassau
Thank you, Rotary Family, for your dedication to supporting our islands and residents affected by Hurricane Dorian! We have seen individual efforts from Clubs that include:

Rotary Club of East Nassau:

Hosting an Uncle Lou’s Ice Cream Treat at The Ranfurly Home for Children
  • Raising $301,097 for the Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Adopt the Fox Hill Community Center Shelter with activities including:
    • Partnering with Bahamas Waste to donate a dumpster, hand-wash sink, and five portable toilets.
    • Deliver pots, utensils, and large electric water dispenser for tea and coffee.
    • Providing coloring books for the children.
    • Hosting Ice Cream Treat.
    • Providing two printers to assist in preparing resumes and completing job applications.

Rotary Club of Eleuthera:

  • Assisting with the screening of evacuees arriving and departing Eleuthera.
  • Assisting with providing accommodations for families.
  • Partnering with the Cancer Society of Eleuthera to provide clothing items to evacuees.
  • Partnering with Men of Faith to provide food items to evacuees.
Providing beds, school books and bags, and financial support to evacuees.
Early Act Club at Genesis Academy: Collect, pack, and delivered almost 50 boxes of water, food, and clothing.

Rotary Club of Nassau:

  • Committing to adopting the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium Shelter in partnership with The Rotary Club of Old Fort.

Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise:

  • Assisting with registration of evacuees and donation sorting at Odyssey Aviation.
  • Housing evacuees; IPP Leroy Archer and Rotarian Archdeacon James Palacious hosting in their homes.
  • Delivering meals to persons housed by Rotarians as well as to shelters.
  • Donating $700 to purchase books for a displaced student.
  • Donating six standing fans, plus various clothing and underwear to multiple shelters. 
Rotary Club of New Providence:
  • Delivering various donated supplies to New Providence Community Church (NPCC).
  • Committing to adopting the Calvary Baptist Church Shelter in partnership with The Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset.
Rotary Club of South East Nassau:
  • Donating $10,000 to the Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund. 
Rotary Club of Old Fort:
  • Committing to adopting the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium Shelter in partnership with the Rotary Club of Nassau.
  • Assisting The Rotary Club of Weston with getting supplies into New Providence which were directed to evacuees in both New Providence and Grand Bahama.
  • Delivering hand written cards from The Rotary Club of Weston (Florida) to children at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium Shelter.
Rotaract Club of East Nassau:
  • Committing to adopt the Salvation Army Shelter.

Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset:

  • Committing to adopt the Calvary Baptist Shelter in partnership with The Rotary Club of New Providence.
  • Executing a members only supplies drive that resulted in the collection of over 400 items (baby food, canned foods, personal and feminine hygiene products, water). Supplies will be shipped specifically for the use of Rotaractors (and their families) of The Rotaract Club of Freeport.
  • Donating cleaning supplies to the Children’s Emergency Hostel.

Rotaract Club of South East Nassau Centennial:

  • Assisting with the registration of evacuees arriving at Odyssey Aviation.
  • Donating Care Packages to the Children’s Emergency Hostel where 50 children from Abaco and Dorian are now being housed.
During the last week, your collective work has enabled us to:
  • Raise $509,404 across our multiple funding channels.
  • Receive, pack, and sort (alongside other partners) supplies for distribution to Abaco, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, Shelters, and private accommodations.
  • Commit to adopting Shelters around New Providence.
  • Secure 150 tents from Disaster Aid International to be erected at two locations alongside the Bahamas Scouts Association. These tents can house up to 750 persons and have been approved by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to be official Shelter Areas for evacuees.
  • Receive 113 tons of goods in Grand Bahama.
  • Pumped (under the direction of President Solanka of The Rotaract Club of Eight Mile Rock) more than 90,000 gallons of water at the Rotary Water Plant in Grand Bahama which has been distributed to the hospital, clinics, feeding centers, shelters, and the community at large.
  • Meet with officials from the National Emergency Management Agency to discuss ways Rotary can assist in the immediate and long-term building efforts.
Prepared by the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas Disaster Relief Committee Communications Team.
Ways to Contribute
For Wire Transfer directly to the islands go to Bahamas Rotary Disaster Committee  
Important Note: please be sure to advise in advance, the following details of funds being remitted to the Bahamas:
For crypto currency donations sent weekly directly to the Bahamas, payment may be made online at Delchain Limited
To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian
For a 501c3 US Tax Exempt donation use any of the following
PayPal D7020 through Disaster Network Assistance
PayPal D6990 through District 6990 in Florida
GoFundMe for Rotary 7020 Dorian Relief
Rotary District 7680 DAF No. 574  via Rotary International
How to Donate Online