The Rotary Club of Kingston's BACK2LIFE project in conjunction with Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd is hosting a public forum on a subject that is becoming of increasing concern; namely the rate at which some boys are becoming disenfranchised - leading to poor school performance or dropping out altogether, anti-social and sometimes even violent behaviour.
Why are girls outperforming boys in academics? Why are some boys seeming to withdraw and no matter what you do you cannot seem to reach them? Why is anger so quick to flare and peer pressure so powerful? The public forum will address these issues, help us to understand their causes and, through discussion, will hopefully help us to find constructive and positive ways to address them.
Leading Anthropologist (Social Violence) Dr. Herbert Gayle, UWI Lecturer in Psychology, Sociology & Social Work, will lead us through an expose that will inform, enlighten and maybe frighten, but will guide us to a collective understanding that may raise the bar of our expectations and ask each of us to reach inside of ourselves for a greater resolve to understand, empathize and ultimately think and behave differently. The evening promises to be riveting!
The forum is for everyone who has an interest in raising a psychologically healthy male population that is able to contribute positively to our collective well-being, and especially targets   parents & guardians of boys, teachers, mentors, professionals involved in criminal justice system, boy scout & youth club leaders & students.
Tuesday  April 16, 2013 @ 5.30 pm - JPS Sports Club, 23 Ruthven Road.