August is Rotary Membership and Extension month! 

(1) First, what have you done for Rotary?

(2) Are you ready for Club-of-the-Month for August? 

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MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND EXTENSION are essential to achieving Rotary's goals of providing community and international service. Every Rotary club member shares the responsibility of proposing qualified new members.

CLUB-OF-THE-MONTH Information for District 7020 clubs - 

HOW IT WORKS:  A  monthly award will be given to one outstanding Club in the District, based on its activities and accomplishments that match that particular month's Rotary Theme.  

(1) The theme for August is Membership and Extension. 

(2) The submission is to be a simple description of the project undertaken.

The Club President must - by the 5th day of the subsequent month (in this case, September)

(1) submit a list of the Club's "theme" achievements to the AG

(2) submit a copy of the list of Club's "theme" achievement to the District Secretary

The AG must also share a responsibility.  On the 6th day of the month, the AG must 

-(1) forward the information to the appropriate District Focus Group (in this case Partnership & Membership)

The members of the Focus Group (this month,Partnership & Membership) will 

(1) judge the entries and

(2) select the "Club of the Month"

The announcement will be made on the 15th of September.

All clubs should get organized and plan a project that can be submitted for this award!

Members of the Focus Group - Partnership & Membership are:

-- Winston Connolly

-- Vance Lewis
-- Catherine Chesnut
-- Carla Card-Stubbs
-- Michelle Vanterpool
-- Terry Robinson
-- Melissa Geness
-- Corinne Van Rensselaer

Enjoy this challenge!


NOW FOR EVERYONE ELSE - Have you introduced a new member to Rotary yet?  If not, here's your chance - as Rotary Month of Membership and Extension arrives!

The Membership Minute is an email newsletter that provides membership development ideas, resources, and tools.  It provides:

  • The latest research on Rotary membership
  • Suggestions about where to find and how to recruit qualified, committed Rotary members
  • Ideas for creating or enhancing new-member orientation programs
  • Tips and trends for keeping members

Click here or the latest edition of the Rotary Membership Minute.