District 7020 is planning and moving forward to create a new Rotary club– an E-club.

Rotary E-clubs became official in July 2010 when the 2010 Council on Legislation voted to make E-clubs a permanent part of Rotary International. E-clubs meet online in a variety of formats. An E-club operates the same way as does any other Rotary club. An E-club is designed primarily for business, professional, and community leaders who are unable to attend a weekly meeting in person (due to physical disabilities, location constraints, or busy schedules).

At this time, District 7020 is looking only for current Rotarians who might find it more convenient to participate in an Eclub format. Participation will be limited at this point to the District 7020 geographic location. Our goal right now is to inform the district and to find out how many Rotarians in the district would be prospective E-club members. The E-club option offers the opportunity to meet, conduct service projects, and participate in Rotary fellowship.

From time to time, Rotarians who miss their regular Rotary club meeting may make up a meeting by attending an e-club meeting online – a valuable service for all members. Are you interested? Or do you know of someone in District 7020 for whom this E-club would be a
viable option? Please send an email to Kitty at ladykitt@sympatico.ca.