Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Please see below a message from PDG Haresh who is the District 7020 Haiti Earthquake Response Chair:
My friends, the death toll continues to rise from the aftermath of the 7.2 Magnitude Haiti Earthquake on August 14, 2021. Now, with at least 304 dead and over 1800 injured, The Rotary District 7020 Earthquake response committee has done an initial assessment of the damage and secured logistics to provide aid. 
Now we need your help. Cash is always the easiest way to get aid to those who need it now. We also have a list of needs, of which many can be sourced locally. This will not only help with relief, but also will support the local economy. See attachment for ways to donate via check or wire transfer. To Donate by Credit Card / PayPal, click here: 
If, however, you’d like to provide help in kind with the immediate needs, here is a list of what is most needed right now. We have arranged swift clearance of all items that will be sent from this list to get it quickly into the areas in greatest need. 
Eau  / Drinking water 
Tentes et baches / Tents and tarps 
Nourriture / Food 
Kits d’hygiene / Hygiene kits 
Entran sanitaire /Medical Materials 
Medecin  / Doctor 
Couvertures de laine  / Wool blankets 
Jerrycan  / Large, portable water container 
Kits de nourriture  / Food kits 
Volontaires, secouristes  / Volunteers, first responders 
Materiels de premiers de secours / First aid kits 
Entran sanitaire /Medical Materials 
Kit covid 19 / Covid-19 kit 
Kits de cuisine / Kitchen kits 
Seau / Bucket  
Frais de fonctionnement pour le COUD / Operation fees for the Departmental Emergency Operation Centre (COUD) 
Please email if you can help, or for more information. 
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