MARILYN BLACKHALL, President of the ROTARY CLUB OF ST. THOMAS II, has "LEAD THE WAY" by committing her Club to become the first Foundation Benefactor Club in District 7020.

They have accomplished this by donating $1,000 to the PERMANENT FUND. Even more significantly, they have committed to donating this amount EACH YEAR!

Their money will not be spent - it will be invested and in all the years to come it will continue to generate income for use by the Foundation in its' good works around the globe.

Are you confused by these Foundation funds?  Don't worry, you're in good company with many Rotarians!  But it's really simple, here is the difference between the two funds:-

The ANNUAL PROGRAMS FUND is the Foundation's "chequing account" - money from Paul Harris Fellow & Sustaining Members goes in & the Foundation "writes cheques" to support its' programmes. All the money donated is spent and more must be raised every year.

The PERMANENT FUND is the Foundation's "savings account" - money donated is invested and not spent - the "interest" earned is used to support the Annual Programs Fund. The fund is currently at about $186 million with a goal of $1 billion by 2026.

To all Presidents & Presidents-Elect, please try your utmost to emulate ST. THOMAS II and commit your Club to donate US$1,000 to the Permanent Fund - every year if possible.  Imagine what will be possible for Our Foundation when it has the income from $1 billion every year!

If your Club is not a Paul Harris Society member, please commit to that as well - $1,000 each year to the APF for current needs and $1,000 each year to the PF for all the needs of all the years to come.

There are many Clubs in our District who can easily make this commitment, but for those who can't, please make it a multi-year goal to raise and donate $1,000 to the PERMANENT FUND.

Here is the form to complete and send to the Foundation:-

Tick the box "Outright Gift" and include your payment.

Please send me a copy of the completed form.

Get in touch with me and I will help you with any questions.

For further information, go to this webpage
for the Annual Report of the Permanent Fund.

Christopher Evans
District 7020 Foundation Team Member