Rotary Club of Kingston conveys 2009 Charlie Braham award on AG Dennis Chong.
Other nominees for this years award were also honored, they include PAG Eric "Busha" Clarke, PP Dr.Lloyd Eubanks-Green and AG Haresh Ramchandani.
Rotarians from many clubs in Jamaica, joined the Rotary Club of Kingston (RCOK) at it's meeing on May. 28th, 2009 for the annual Charlie Braham Awards.

The late distinguished Rotarian "Charlie" Braham was a founding Member of the Rotary Club of Kingston, the first Rotary Club in Jamaica and now in its 50th year.

The "Charlie" Braham Achievement Award, initiated by the RCOK during the 1994/95 Administration is presented "to the Rotarian who demonstrates the following qualities for which our revered Past President and Past District Governor was well known and well respected:
1. Dedication to the philosophy of "Service above Self"
2. Commitment to the development and participation of the members in all the Club's projects
3. Exemplary attendance at the club's meetings.
4. Outstanding leadership ability as demonstrated in support of the Club's organizing bodies.
5. Active encouragement of the worldwide advancement of the Rotary philosophy.

RCOK was happy to welcome all of its visitors and our their own PP Val Cotterell who continues to heal nicely.

Most of our Past Charlie Braham Awardees were present and were heartily welcomed.

Heartiest congratulations to our 2009 Nominees AG Dennis Chong, PAG Eric "Busha" Clarke, PP Dr. Lloyd Eubanks-Green and AG Haresh Ramchandani.

To our 2009 Awardees AG Dennis Chong, we say well deserved and keep on the fine work!!