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P.E.T.S serves to educate and train incoming club officers and directors
in Leadership and Service for the new 2020-2021 Rotary Year
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District Governor Delma Maduro  and
Rotary International President Mark Maloney
2019 - 2020


Meeting Registrations:

Jun 11, 2020 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Jun 13, 2020 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Time: Jun 12, 2020 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Incoming Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers & District Committee Members
Announcing the start of the
2020 Online P.E.T.S
Districts 7020
P.E.T.S serves to educate and train incoming club officers and directors
in Leadership and Service for the new 2020-2021 Rotary Year
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May 2020 Message
District Governor Delma Maduro
Greetings Fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors
We have been tested by COVID-19 as individuals, as Rotarians, as a community, and as a world like we have never been tested before. PAG Audley and I trust that you and your families are doing well, as we wrestle with the concerns and uncertainties that have been thrust upon us by this unprecedented Pandemic!
Despite it all however, this global crisis has brought some opportunities for us as Rotarians and Rotaractors.  I believe that the greatest opportunity is the ability to connect online. Thankfully, clubs have embraced this opportunity, and we have been able to connect with our Fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors in the comfort of our homes, offices or wherever we may be. We are also able to have amazing, regional and international guest speakers, and very importantly we have been able to easily connect across borders with other Rotarians we may not have met, were it not for this crisis. One of Rotary’s strategic priorities is to “Increase our ability to adapt” and I am very pleased that most if not all of our clubs can check this box.
The downside to on line meetings, however, is that some of our Rotary Clubs may have a few mature and seasoned Rotarians who may not be inclined to connect in these unfamiliar ways, and clubs must not lose sight of this. Hence, if you have not done so, please take careful note of your virtual meeting attendees and reach out on a regular basis to those who do not attend.  We want to be thoughtful, kind and caring particularly in these trying times. Additionally, we want to ensure that once there is a semblance of normalcy that all our members will be right there with us.
Congratulations Rotarians and Rotaractors for demonstrating agility and resilience during this difficult time.  While numerous planned projects had to be abandoned or postponed, and conventions and conferences had to be cancelled, I am extremely pleased to hear about how Clubs around the District are responding to the current urgent needs in our communities. This include providing protective gear for first responders, hospitals,  and vulnerable communities, establishing handwashing stations, providing soap, volunteering to make food deliveries to the vulnerable and providing food for those in need. Fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors our clubs’ responses to COVID-19 deserve to be catalogued.  Moreover, clubs that have been very flexible and innovative in their response need to be recognized.  Hence, our District will launch the DG COVID-19 Response Award early in the week of 3rd May. This will make us one of about 8 Districts in Zone 34 to launch this award.  Information will be collected by way of survey monkey and you are asked to respond within the requested time frame. 
In responding to COVID 19 some lessons can be learnt from our young people, and as we celebrate them this month let us be mindful that they give us hope for a bright future.  They continue to impress with fresh, innovative, and bold ideas.  District 7020 is one of the leading districts for Rotaract Clubs and with relatively strong Rotary/Rotaract relations.  Even so, I wish to challenge each club to review your relationship not just with Rotaractors but also with Interactors and EarlyActors and fill all existing gaps to make sure that they feel the love and support of their sponsor Clubs. While we have seen some growth with Rotaractors, 26 Interact clubs were terminated as they seemingly fizzed out over a couple years. Fellow Rotarians we just do not want to add clubs to check the box or to receive recognition.  Rather, we should increase our clubs so that our young people may have the benefit of mentorship, guidance and a greater sense of being a global citizen and to help empower them to do good in the world. Currently some of our Interact and EarlyAct clubs are at risk of becoming casualties of Covid-19, as they are primarily school based.  We cannot allow this so I am issuing another challenge to clubs to ensure that you are keeping the lines of communication open, and to look for opportunities along with our District Interact Chair to keep your sponsored Interact and or EarlyAct clubs stimulated and connected.
 Very recently, AG Bryan Knowles raised the idea of a virtual RYLA and why not?  Just imagine our young people being able to get together for some professional insights, motivational talks and fellowship. Let us do it!
To go back to Rotaractors, I want to ask Rotarians to be courageous and allow Rotaractors to take the lead with some of our committees and to mentor us. One of my greatest disappointments in this COVID-19 era was the cancellation of the historic Joint 7020 and 7030 Rotaract District Conference. Perhaps we will still get the opportunity to experience this in 2021. We are one Caribbean sharing much in common, and the more activities and projects we can do together the greater the impact.
Before I conclude let me share the good news that:
  • PETS will take place during the month of May and Club officers who are expected to attend are encouraged to do so.
  • The Virtual Rotary International Convention will be held 20th -26th June 2020. Please mark your calendars and plan to be in attendance.
  • Our District Conference Committee and I have always maintained that we will have a Virtual District Conference, and this is being planed for the week of 8th June. Details will be available shortly.
To conclude, I encourage our Rotary family to continue to be courageous during this difficult time. As people of action continue to meet regularly and to look for ways that you can respond to the needs in your community. Also, use this month to focus on how we might assist our young leaders as they aspire to be come effective Rotaractors, Interactors and EarlyActors.  In all of this continue to exercise personal care and be safe.
Message Mai 2020May 2020
Gouverneur de Dictrict Delma Maduro

Salutations aux Rotariens et Rotaractiens
Nous avons été testés par COVID-19 en tant qu'individus, en tant que Rotariens, en tant que communauté, et en tant que monde comme nous n'avons jamais été testés auparavant. PAG Audley et moi-même sommes convaincus que vous et vos familles vous en sortez bien, alors que nous nous débattons avec les préoccupations et les incertitudes qui nous ont été imposées par cette pandémie sans précédent!
Malgré tout, cette crise mondiale nous a offert des opportunités en tant que Rotariens et Rotaractiens. Je crois que la plus grande opportunité est la possibilité de se connecter en ligne. Heureusement, les clubs ont saisi cette opportunité et nous avons pu nous connecter avec nos compatriotes et Rotaractiens dans le confort de nos maisons, bureaux où que nous soyons. Nous avons également pu compter sur des conférenciers invités étonnants, régionaux et internationaux, et surtout, nous avons pu facilement nous connecter par-delà les frontières avec d'autres Rotariens que nous n'aurions peut-être pas rencontrés, sans cette crise. L’une des priorités stratégiques du Rotary est d’améliorer notre capacité d’adaptation" et je suis très heureux que la plupart sinon tous nos clubs puissent cocher cette case.
L'inconvénient de ces rencontres en ligne est que certains de nos clubs Rotary peuvent compter sur peu de  Rotariens mature et chevronnés, qui ne sont pas enclins à se connecter de cette manière inhabituelle, et les clubs ne doivent pas perdre de vue. Par conséquent, si vous ne l'avez pas fait, veuillez prendre bonne note de vos participants à la réunion virtuelle et communiquer régulièrement avec ceux qui ne sont pas présents. Nous voulons être réfléchis, bienveillants et attentifs, surtout en ces temps difficiles. De plus, nous voulons nous assurer qu'une fois qu'il y aura un semblant de normalité, tous nos membres seront là avec nous.
Félicitations aux Rotariens et aux Rotaractiens qui ont fait preuve d’agilité et de résilience pendant cette période difficile. Bien que de nombreux projets planifiés aient dû être abandonnés ou reportés, et que des conventions et conférences aient dû être annulées, je suis extrêmement heureux d'apprendre comment les Clubs du district répondent aux besoins urgents actuels de nos collectivités. Il s'agit notamment de fournir des équipements de protection aux premiers intervenants, aux hôpitaux et aux communautés vulnérables, de mettre en place des postes de lavage de mains, de fournir du savon, de faire du bénévolat pour faire des livraisons de nourriture aux personnes vulnérables et de fournir de la nourriture à ceux qui en ont besoin. Les Rotariens et les Rotaractiens auxquels nos clubs ont répondu au COVID-19 méritent d’être catalogués. En outre, les clubs qui ont fait preuve de souplesse et d'innovation dans leur réponse doivent être reconnus. C'est pourquoi notre district lancera le Prix de réponse de la DG COVID-19 au début de la semaine du 3 mai. Cela fera de nous l'un des 8 districts de la zone 34 pour lancer ce prix. L'information sera recueillie au moyen d'un singe d'enquête et on vous demandera de répondre dans les délais demandés.
En répondant au COVID 19, nous pouvons tirer des leçons de nos jeunes, et, alors que nous les célébrons ce mois-ci, n'oublions pas qu'ils nous donnent de l'espoir pour un avenir brillant. Ils continuent d'impressionner par des idées nouvelles, innovantes et audacieuses. Le district 7020 est l'un des districts les plus importants des clubs Rotaract et entretient des relations relativement étroites avec le Rotary. Malgré cela, je voudrais demander à chaque club de revoir vos relations non seulement avec les Rotaractiens, mais aussi avec les Interacteurs et les EarlyActors et de combler toutes les lacunes existantes pour s'assurer qu'ils ressentent l'amour et le soutien de leurs Clubs sponsors. Alors que nous avons vu une certaine croissance avec les Rotaractiens, 26 clubs Interact ont été supprimés au fur et à mesure qu'ils paraissaient terminés en deux ans. Chers Rotariens, nous ne voulons pas ajouter de clubs pour cocher la case ou recevoir une reconnaissance. Au contraire, nous devrions augmenter nos clubs afin que nos jeunes puissent bénéficier du mentorat, de l'orientation et d'un plus grand sentiment d'être un citoyen du monde et les aider à faire le bien dans le monde. À l'heure actuelle, certains de nos clubs Interact et EarlyAct risquent de devenir des victimes de Covid-19, car ils sont principalement basés à l'école. Nous ne pouvons pas le permettre, donc je lance un autre défi aux clubs pour que vous gardiez les voies de communication ouvertes et que vous cherchiez des occasions avec notre président d'interaction de district de maintenir vos clubs Interact et EarlyAct parrainés stimulés et connectés.
Très récemment, AG Bryan Knowles a évoqué l'idée d'une RYLA virtuelle et pourquoi pas ? Imaginez simplement que nos jeunes puissent se réunir pour des idées professionnelles, des discussions de motivation et des bourses. Faisons-le !
Pour revenir aux Rotaractiens, je voudrais demander aux Rotariens d'être courageux et de permettre aux Rotaractiens de prendre l'initiative avec certains de nos comités et de nous guider. L'une de mes plus grandes déceptions dans cette ère COVID-19 a été l'annulation de l'historique conférence de district conjoint 7020 et 7030 Rotaract. Peut-être aurons-nous encore l'occasion d'en faire l'expérience en 2021. Nous sommes une Caraïbe qui partage beaucoup de choses en commun, et plus nous pouvons mener d'activités et de projets ensemble, plus l'impact sera grand.
Avant de conclure, permettez-moi de partager la bonne nouvelle que:
・ PETS aura lieu au cours du mois de mai et les agents du Club qui doivent y assister sont encouragés à le faire.
・ La Convention internationale du Rotary virtuel se tiendra du 20 au 26 juin 2020. Veuillez indiquer vos calendriers et prévoyez d'y assister.
・ Notre comité de conférence de district et moi-même avons toujours soutenu que nous aurons une conférence de district virtuel, et cela est prévu pour la semaine du 8 juin. Les détails seront disponibles sous peu.
Pour conclure, j'encourage notre famille à continuer d'être courageuse en cette période difficile. À mesure que les gens d'action continuent de se rencontrer régulièrement et de chercher des façons de répondre aux besoins de votre collectivité. Utilisez également ce mois-ci pour vous concentrer sur la façon dont nous pouvons aider nos jeunes leaders dans leur aspiration à devenir des Rotaractiens, Interacteurs et EarlyActors efficaces. Dans tout cela, continuez à exercer des soins personnels et à être en sécurité.
Dear Fellow Rotarian,

The COVID-19 coronavirus is affecting every aspect of our lives in real time, and this puts Rotarians in an unfamiliar place. As People of Action, we are most comfortable when we are fully engaged in the world – moving freely, meeting openly, and offering helping hands. These are very difficult times for people who, like us, are at our best when we are learning, growing, and serving—together.


Please join us in congratulating the Rotaract Club of Port-au-Prince Champ de Mars for their winning entry to the Rotary eClub of the Caribbean's R.O.A.R Competition! 
If you missed what R.O.A.R. is about, it means Rotaract Orators Addressing Rotary. It is an oratory competition designed to support and encourage Rotaractors in public speaking. This year's competition asked Rotaractors to discuss how they would approach a critical issue that affects one of the target groups from the Rotaract District Project - T.E.A.M. (teens, elderly, adults (young) and mothers).
Congratulations to Port-au-Prince Champ de Mars!

Donor Conference in Bahamas

Hosted by The Government of the Bahamas and the UNDP was a success.  Some information that came from the conference is as follows:

  • 1.7 million metric tons of debris need to be dealt with

  • 29,472 persons were affected

  • Of the $3.4 billion in damages, 87% was in Abaco and 13% in Grand Bahama and 91% affected the private sector while 9% in the public sector

  • Major problem was not with the building code but with low lying buildings and non-compliance with the building code

  • The country lost 18% of the GDP due to Hurricane Dorian

  • Still 70 confirmed dead but hundreds still missing

  • Priority list of projects is drafted and should be released soon

  • They have spent $4.5 million on dome houses to get residents a temporary place to stay.  Still months from being finished.

  • They need $26 million for the schools

  • While they said the building code is fine, they also said they are working on the next edition of the building code

  • The code says you have to build 18 inches above the known flood level.  However, the known flood level has now changed and is higher than it was

  • Many organizations (I counted 26) stood up, out of the 300 to 400 people in the room, and pledged support in cash and in-kind as well as services.  The P3 group pledged almost 1 billion

  • Estimated pledges to be between $1.5 and $2.0 billion

  • PRIP Barry Rassin was in attendance and was able to tell the crowd about Rotary and what Rotarians have already done and plan to do going forward.

Items before the Hurricane Recovery Committee

The committee needs to review the following and approve if in support.  Some we have already discussed, and some is new:

  • Schools are still our priority.  We should have the list of schools with who is doing what by the end of the month.  We could then take on one or more schools than are not yet committed.  Maybe one at a time?

  • We have agreed with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce to partner on a program to help small business.  No details as yet but we need to meet with them again and develop this.

  • The water plant from H2O and Rotary should be there in two weeks.

  • We had approved the two TAC (Technical Assistance Centers) units (one for each island).  We have reached out to Florida but got no takers on helping us with two similar RV’s for this purpose.  We should proceed with the purchase.

  • MSC has donated and is sending 38 20-foot containers of tiles.  They will send to Freeport, but the Grand Bahama team will determine how much they need.  Any they don’t need could be sent to Abaco.

  • In meeting with the Salvation Army, we are developing a plan to build an NGO building in Abaco.  This would be used for a number on NGO’s to have an office as well as to have a space for storage of emergency supplies and a space for a shelter.  It would be ideal as the emergency control center. The Minister for Recover, etc. has agreed with the concept and is working to find us land for the purpose.  I am meeting again with the Salvation Army this week to confirm their commitment, but they are sure they want to have a permanent presence there.  We could get some other partners to work with us so it becomes a true partnership of those who live in this sector. 

  • Two Volunteer weeks.  UNDP is helping us coordinate these two weeks.  They have suggested we take on the cultural parks in Abaco as these have not been handled by any other group.  They are putting all the details together as to what they need and will provide us with a detailed list.  I suggest we purchase the materials and let the volunteers rebuild the parks as Rotary parks.

    • UNDP is working on the logistics.  They may find us houses to rent which we can set up as dorms, maybe three or four house we would rent for the two weeks.  The benefit over tents is that they have bathrooms and showers

    • They are also working on getting some local females to cook for us

    • Rotary will send information out to the Rotary world to get the volunteers and help organize the flight into The Bahamas

    • We will need to approve this expenditure for rental property, food and supplies

Ways to Contribute


For Wire Transfer directly to the islands go to Bahamas Rotary Disaster Committee  

Important Note: please be sure to advise in advance, the following details of funds being remitted to the Bahamas:

For crypto currency donations sent weekly directly to the Bahamas, payment may be made online at Delchain Limited


To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian


For a 501c3 US Tax Exempt donation use any of the following

PayPal D7020 through Disaster Network Assistance

PayPal D6990 through District 6990 in Florida

GoFundMe for Rotary 7020 Dorian Relief


Rotary District 7680 DAF No. 574  at Rotary International (check, credit card, wire, stock transfer options)

Important Note: When donating via RI to this DAF, please ensure you indicate the

DAF number 574 and that the funds are directed to The Bahamas